Twin Peaks Wilderness

Spotlight on Dromedary Peak, Twin Peaks Wilderness, Utah

Ripple Reflections, Lake Lillian, Twin Peaks Wilderness, Utah

Way overdue for a blog post. Thought I'd share a couple of brand new images from a hike last Friday to Lake Blanche, Florence, and Lillian in Salt Lake County's Twin Peaks Wilderness. This is one of my favorite Wasatch Mountain destinations and sometimes it feels as if I've taken the same photographs over and over again. Sundial Peak reflecting in Lake Blanche is such a great image it's practically impossible not to photograph. Just beware of falling into the trap of trying to include everything (sky, mountain, and lake) in every frame. On this day I focused my energy and my lens on some of the details that make this place so magical, and by including less created stronger images.

Life Aquatic, Lake Blanche, Twin Peaks Wilderness, Utah