Beauty is everywhere for the mind’s eye to behold; translating that beauty into images with emotional impact is my constant challenge and inspiration.
Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck

Artist Statement

The beauty and power of nature are at the core of my photographic life. Photography forces me to completely engage in the moment, where I can intuitively and creatively respond to my environment.

The more involved I become with photography the more my heart and spirit gravitate toward images of the natural world; a world that still exists, but is rapidly vanishing. A world where beauty and the sublime are my primary interests, as I try to let the subjects speak through me. 

I seek to create archetypal icons that speak of primal Earth as the wellspring of our existence; images that are highly personal yet resonate deeply with the universal. I believe in the intrinsic value of wildness to the human spirit, and that value is what I hope to convey.


Fine Art, Stock, Assignments

Jeff Beck has been producing unforgettable wilderness landscapes and close-up images of nature for more than fifteen years. His dramatic images are available as fine art prints, note cards, calendars, and posters. These images are also available to license as stock photography for advertising, corporate, editorial, and other uses. Jeff is also available for assignments. His unique vision and his insistence on excellence is evident in the products he delivers. Call today 801.755.5438 to discuss your project.